Hermanos de la Calle started in Key Biscayne FL as an idea to help the Homeless People in Miami. It started as a weekly night outing to bring food to hundreds of persons living in the street. But the food was only the excuse, the idea behind it was to meet them and find a way to give them a second chance. It may sound easy but it’s not, specially because all of them don’t even consider it possible or they are way too deep in drugs. The effort started to grow with more people getting involved and the miracles started to happen. Today this group has given more than 30 people a second chance in life.

The Homeless is a reality, a problem, in most countries, and even with the governments helping, it seems that it keeps growing. So, the leaders at Hermanos de la Calle decided to go big and transform the community activity into an inspiring foundation that could be replicated anywhere. To do that they needed a big financial jump start and they decided to do a fundraising.


Hermanos de la Calle is one of thousands of non profit foundations, and it hasn’t been officially launched.


In order to build a strong participation we focused on the engine that makes this foundation move: LOVE. This is what makes it unique and the power to inspire others and more importantly opening the hearts of people who think they don’t have or deserve another chance. So we invited people to give LOVE, because with it, anything is possible.


More than 300 people participated in the event and we raised close to 60K dollars.


Anything is possible with love. Hermanos de la Calle. Plvral Advertising and Marketing, Miami.