PLVRAL was created with a simple IDEA, to push companies forward.

Our goal is to get results more than awards. Creativity is still the heart of our business but it has to make sense, it has to be guided by a strategic mindset and part of a larger plan. An INTEGRATED multimedia strategy where you can reach micro-targets with unlimited media possibilities and the benefit of measuring performance in real time.

Our DNA is a mix of numbers, strategies, research, data, creative and production. We encourage our clients to build a creative culture of collaboration – because we believe innovation comes from within.

Success doesn’t come from one source; it is the result of an orchestrated plan that takes form over time. Our work improves the performance of any brand, product or company.

We are located in the multicultural city of Miami where we have our main team including Strategic and Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Producers and Digital Programming, and as most exponential companies today we collaborate with key partners for different task like print production, events, video/audio/photography and digital.

The digital world is changing the landscape, changing how audiences behave and their time management. We see now new habits, new insights, new ways of living. That means that if you want to contact any person or company you need a strong digital strategy and actions, consistent with the brand belief and behavior. New opportunities come-up every day, but you have to be there to see then and ready to act fast.

Starting in late 2018 we started working BRM, a large digital company based in Colombia. With them PLVRAL capabilities on digital expand to take on any project, no matter how big it is.


One of our main partners, BRM, is an independent award winning monster with the capabilities to expand digital, customer relations and direct sales strategies at a regional level. This partnership allows us to design strategies for digital campaigns that will empower relationships between brands and its audiences, connecting the elements of each organization with the need and expectations of our clients.

Many global brands and large corporations trust BRM, a company that has earned more than 50 recognitions at local and international levels. It’s the only company in Latin America with simultaneous experience on Contact Center, Agency, Digital Developments, Relations and Loyalty Programs and Services of managing Demand.

Our collaboration with BRM, at different levels, allows us to adopt our client’s brand values and transform them into ideas that build relations through memorable experiences. The result is GREAT INTERACTIONS.

BRM has more than 1500 employees and operations in more than 10 countries.


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PLVRAL was established January 2013 in Miami, Florida – as a new kind of multicultural creative company that will provide communications for today’s reality, generating disruptive solutions to empower companies. A real marketing and communications partner for small, medium and large companies.

Founder – FELIPE VERSWYVEL has 20+ years of experience in the US Hispanic Market, US market and Latin America. He’s worked for accounts such as McDonald’s, State Farm, Royal Caribbean, Tylenol, Visa, Knorr, Cine Colombia, Florida Anti-tobacco and Energizer.


Integration is the key to being efficient. Every voice is valuable and every angle gives shape to a better perspective. We empower collaboration to align teams and allow a faster development pace.

Communication goes beyond promotion. Audiences, clients, customers, partners, employees and even board of directors ask for an inclusive and comprehensive communication strategy.

To grow, every brand or product needs to be inspiring, useful, relevant and real.

Creativity starts before the creative process. Being part of our client’s culture allows us to understand their business objectives, find marketing opportunities and come up with successful strategies that produce contagious ideas.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to increase our client’s future share.

We don’t talk about taking risks – we talk about results. We challenge ourselves to find non-traditional, unconventional media.

We are multicultural creative consultants, passionate about creativity and results.