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The world has changed and the way we do marketing and communications is no exception. The days of the traditional mass media push as the only way to sell or grow are gone. Now you need an INTEGRATED multimedia strategy, where you can reach micro-targets with infinite media possibilities and the benefit of measuring performance in real time.

IDEAS are still at the heart of our work, but our DNA is a mix of numbers, strategies, research, data, creative and production. It’s about CREATIVITY, INTEGRATION and RESULTS, less explaining and more doing.

We encourage our clients to build a creative and disruptive culture of collaboration – because we believe innovation comes from within. Success doesn’t come from one source; it is the result of an orchestrated plan that takes form over time.

Marketing, creativity and communications can improve the performance of any brand, product or company, making it relevant and exciting today and tomorrow. Working as consultants we get involved from the bottom, from the beginning, allowing us to understand the real business objective of each client and project, define a plan and create at every level, from strategy, customer relations, traditional media to digital.

In the process we make the bridge between our team and our clients shorter, improving collaboration, having everyone not only in the same page, but also and more importantly, pushing in the same direction.

Internal and external players aligned


Brands don’t happen overnight. A powerful brand is the result of a strong vision and consistency. It goes well beyond a logo and guidelines to actions that define its boundaries and will end up separating it from its competitors, and building a group of fans/followers.

Brands have meaning, personality, character… real brands inspire.


We live in a Multicultural world. Just see any result in to understand how migration has shaped today’s reality. At PLVRAL this multicultural and diverse spirit gives us access to be connected with new cultural trends in the regions we work.

We have projects in the United States, including the Hispanic Market and Latin America including Puerto Rico, Central and South America.

Creativity for a multicultural world, we define it as PLVRALISM.


We divide media in 3 groups: Paid Media, Owned Media and Earned Media. They’re all important and necessary to promote a brand or product. But a small budget doesn’t mean a small result.

Integrated Strategies allow us to create better possibilities for our clients. There’s always a way if we find the strengths and opportunities each client has in the 3 kinds of media:

Digital has open the door to reach individuals, small groups in a very efficient way.

Starting a powerful website with the right information and functionalities, presentations, trucks, offices… there are many opportunities to generate results.

This kind of media is the most powerful if you understand how referrals and reviews impact a business. There are many tactics that can provide your company with Earned media, like starting a post-sale behavior.


Building and improving customer experience is a key element that will promote a company today and generate growth tomorrow. Those interactions at a large scale happen in the digital world, in social media, APPs, Websites and even artificial intelligence.

We have partnered with BRM, a company based in Colombia with large experience and capabilities on Contact Centers, CRM, Programming and Digital/Social Media. This gives PLVRAL the possibility to supply professional talent at a great cost, generating GREAT INTERACTIONS for our clients and lots of DATA.


our story

PLVRAL was established January 2013 in Miami, Florida – with a simple idea: to create a new kind of multicultural agency/consulting company that will integrate communications to the world’s new technologies, cultures and trends, generating creative solutions to empower companies and push them forward. A company that truly works side by side with the client, helping them reach their goals with creativity and smart communications.


20+ years of experience in the US Hispanic Market, US market and Latin America. He’s worked for accounts such as McDonald’s, State Farm, Royal Caribbean, Tylenol, Visa, 1-800-Collect, Knorr, Cine Colombia, Florida Anti-tobacco and Energizer.