In the jewelry industry, one key element of the sales process is the final contact with the customer: the employee. We are talking about small and very expensive pieces of gold and diamonds. Understanding and selling the company/brands’s culture makes a big difference as the buyers make their final decision. The problem is that it takes time for the employees to learn the facts and the history of a brand like Tiffany & Co. – and the rotation from one company to the other makes this really difficult. The sales team in LATAM had a low retention rate compared to other regions.


We developed an incentive campaign that helped sales people be more engaged, compete against each other and, at the same time, understand the company’s essence. We developed the DIAMOND TEAM, a selected group of people who are measured in different categories every quarter to earn money and a spot on the team. Over time, by accumulating points, the winners will make it to NY for a unique Tiffany & Co. experience.



The team improved their performance in every aspect, the company’s culture separates the brand from any other and the sales improved. But more importantly, their best people are staying and inspiring others to do well.

Launch poster

Diamond Team. Tiffany. Plvral Advertising and Marketing, Miami.


Diamond Team. Tiffany. Plvral Advertising and Marketing, Miami.