Before any real estate project is built there’s a period of time when the landscape is only appealing to architects and engineers… that is the reason why the law requires to cover it. In this case we decided to do something as unique as the project itself, and we did an art wall.

Every construction company uses that space to promote the building, a very important free media. For cassa brickell we saw it as a big opportunity, not only to communicate the “uniqueness” of the project but also to connect with the neighborhood and to bring more people to the site. Large murals made by talented artists are not so rare these days, however you don’t expect to see them in Brickell.

We commissioned three gifted artists to create one very special piece, merging their talents to create something spectacular. If the piece withstands the elements throughout the duration of  construction, it will be cut up into smaller pieces and given to each of the proud owners at cassa brickell. This is today a big asset for this project, and it promotes art, something we all love.