A unique corporate experience in Miami.

Coral Gables is one of Miami’s most iconic and traditional Neighborhoods. A place where Mediterranean architecture defines every street and building; a mix of top-corporate regional headquarters, the history of the Biltmore Hotel, art with the traditional gallery nights, fashion, upscale retail and beautiful homes. The Gables stays unique due to its strict architectural permits, which if you don’t follow it can get pricey. TSG Group wanted to develop the best office building in the area but the building had to follow code and its design looked like any other top-of-the-line building. To make it unique, we recommended finding and developing its key benefits on the inside. A unique corporate experience in Miami, perfect for those who want the have an office like no other. With that being said, the INTERIOR DESIGN was developed in NY by a top firm and the experience was enhanced with views, expresso, golf, and spa…. Suddenly the office building was more than just a workspace, it’s “BEYOND NINE TO FIVE”.

Result: In a difficult time and against many experts in the market, the building was sold and it will open Summer 2018.

Ofizzina. TSG Group. Plvral Advertising and Marketing, Miami.


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