Give yourself the luxury of history.

The idea of remodeling and old unit and selling it for profit is nothing new, actually, there’s a name for it: FLIP. At Beachrooms, we took this concept and pushed it a big step forward. We connected it with history.

Beachrooms is an exclusive collection of unique homes and condominiums. By virtue of being the first to be built in Miami Beach, these buildings offer spacious apartments with expansive resort-style amenities located in the heart of the best dining, entertainment, and beaches the city has to offer. They are all remodeled and re-designed to compete against the latest luxury projects at a price tag that is even lower than new standard units.

Luxury is about the experience ­­–it’s about lifestyle. Luxury is about re-living history, and emerging into the local culture.

Beachrooms. Plvral Advertising and Marketing, Miami.


Beachrooms. Plvral Advertising and Marketing, Miami.